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chronic kidney disease... and 20 million more may be at risk... and not even know it. anyone with high blood pressure, diabetes or a family history... of chronic kidney disease is at risk. early diagnosis is vitally important. to get the whole story, talk to your doctor and visit... the national kidney foundation at or call for a free brochure. because when it comes to chronic kidney disease, you might not know the half of it. ♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: well, i think i learned on the show tonight, geoff, that the real win with the zombie stheem just to have the cat fire out of its ass at the zombie.
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that's the kind of entertainment you're going to get here. geoff: it works every time. craig: the cat shoots the zombie and then -- you're saying it is better than the zombie monologue then? geoff: no, i would never say anything like that. no, your monologue was great, man. i was in his take into consideration. craig: how bad was it? geoff: pretty bad. craig: we'll see you. good night.
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. this is 9news now. new tonight at 11:00, a hero is honored. leo johnson took a bullet and disarmed a gunman who charged into a family council meeting last month. tonight he's getting top praise and talking with 9news for the very first time. >> our own ken molestina was at
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the ceremony. he joins us live with more. >> reporter: for the first time since the shooting, leo johnson is talking about that fateful day and he's rallying the support since he's been wounded. cheers and applause for leo jon johnson erupted. he received an award for his her owe rick actions -- heroic actions last month. he was at the front desk when a shooter opened fire. johnson was shot in the arm and still managed to disarm the gunman before police took him into custody. and for the first time since the shooting, he's recounting the day's event. >> i realized what the situation was and i had to act or else there would be lives lost. >> reporter: now he's being hailed a hero. >> i don't want to be called a hero. but i understand how big this
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was. i can live with it for a little while. >> reporter: he still wears his arm in a sling as the wound continues to heal. it's a tough process, he says, that's been made a little easier through faith and the support of his family, friends and co-workers. >> i just try to concentrate on healing and getting better. >> reporter: as for the day that changed his life. >> that's something i've never forget. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: johnson says he's healing well and he hoped to be back to work soon. as for the suspected shooter, he recently needed not guilty to a federal and local charge, including a charge for assault with intent to kill. anita. >> thank you, ken. the bodies of the four americans killed in libya return to washington today as anti-american demonstrations continue to grow across the muslim world. and an attack on a military base in afghanistan has killed two united states marines just tonight. >> the demonstrations prompted by an anti-muslim video produced right here in this country have now spread to 23 countries.
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some taking place right now. gary nurenberg brings us up-to-date. gary. >> reporter: well, derek and anita, after three days, the anger does not appear to be dampening with more demonstrations now than we've seen all week. crowds continued to spar with police on the streets outside the american embassy in kiro. protestors raged at the video mocking the faith. demonstrators hit american facilities in yemen, indonesia and protested on the streets of gaza. the american embassy was targeted in sudan. and an base in southern afghanistan killed two american marines, though it is unclear if it was prompted by rage over the film. the bodies of the four americans killed in the tuesday attack in libya returned to joint base andrews outside washington this afternoon honored by the president who, again, vowed to bring their killers to justice. >> they didn't simply embrace
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the american ideal, they lived it. they embodied it. >> reporter: the secretary of state. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. it is hard for the american people to make sense of that because it is senseless. and it is totally unacceptable. >> reporter: the egyptian president condemnee attacks and said muslim has a duty to protect american embassies. washington dc said they're giving embassies attention. a homeland security fbi intelligence bulletin posted yesterday warns the risk of violence could increase here in the united states but says it has no credible evidence. >> it's strictly a cya cover your back side in case something happens somewhere, somehow and they have the next commission of why weren't we warned, they can
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say, oh, we warned you. >> reporter: in libya, the president of the congress there told cbs the killers of the americans will be caught. >> everyone is determined. >> reporter: the attackers are believed to be affiliated with al qaeda as is the group that released a new video of warren winesteen who was captured in pakistan making a new appeal for release. >> i seek for my release. >> reporter: it went on to say that the administration has been unresponsive. near his company in arlington or his family in rockville responded to our request to talk about it. and as part of an effort, a u.s. marine rapid response team has now been dispatched to sudan. teams have already been sent to yemen and libya. derek. >>. well, there is some bad news on the economic front. credit rating is downgraded in the united states.
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debt from aa to aaaa minus. the firm says purchasing billions of dollars in mortgage bounds actually reduces the value of the dollar and raises the price of commodities like oil, and that hurts businesses and consumers. tonight at 11:00, we've got brand new video of a man police are trying to track down. last thursday night, a woman was sexually assaulted along 45th place in northeast washington. police say that man in the striped shirt followed the victim through the tunnel at the dean wood metro station. he was wearing a striped polo and khakis. a guy in his 20s about 5'7", around 160 pounds. if you have information about what happened that night, please call police. we have also got an update on a story we brought you last night at 11:00. >> a fairfax county man whose death sentence and conviction has been thrown out was still denied bond today. it was a huge disappointment for justin wolfe and his family. his mom choked back tears.
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in 2001, justin wolfe was convicted of murder for hire in the shooting death of fellow marijuana dealer danielle patrol. wolf was sentenced to death. the killer owen barber who was serving 35 years testified wolfe hired him to do it but barber has since recanted and said he lied to save himself. prosecutors say they're preparing to retry justin wolfe. >> he is a changed man and he spent 10 years on death row. enough is enough already. >> this has been the strongest scared straight program any kid could ever go through. >> justin has grown up, he has watched a number of men walk off to their death from death row. and that is quite a lesson that no one should ever have to experience. >> a new trial date has been set for october 15th. front and center, the virginia board of health and the fight over abortion clinics. at issue, do clinics have to
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meet stringent hospital-like standards to keep going. surae chinn was on the scene as the big decision came down. >> reporter: the vote was 13-2 to adopt the stricter guidelines. the two opposing board members left in tears when the vote came down the crowd erupted. they had sat together in peace but left in turmoil. angry pro-choice advocates shouting politics won and not women. >> please remove them from the room. >> reporter: anti-abortion advocates stood up and clapped. the people had stood outside holding signs unable to get into the packed security tight room where the virginia health board made the decision and some argued caved into political pressures into adopting the agenda. >> the attorney general can advise us, cannot instruct us or
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direct us. we are a completely apolitical body and suddenly we're thrown into a completely political situation, and i don't think we cope very well. >> reporter: board member james edmunson was one of two who volted against the hospital standards. >> i'm worried. >> reporter: the reverse course brought him to tears. >> we'll see. access. >> reporter: widening hallways and larger examining rooms would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and put 20 clinics out of business and would hurt millions of women. >> there is nothing in the general assembly law that says if you cease to do abortions you have to cease to do women's health care. by adding construction restraints, we are not harming physicians -- harming people, virginians. if anything, we're improving their quality. >> shame on you. >> reporter: the issue may not be over.
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some are already talking about challenging the ruling in court. in richmond, surae chinn, 9news now. how much would you pay pepco to make sure you have no more outages like july. the current system isn't built to do much better than that, and that means bigger costs. so how much? well, when we added it up, if all maryland pepco and bge customers paid an extra $10 a month over five years, that would be a billion dollars towards solving the problem. but would that make a dent in it? we're still waiting for an answer. new to flight at 11:00, there's been -- tonight at 11:00, there's been a major development in wisconsin. a judge has ruled the law stripping the rights unconstitutional. now, that law is the crowning achievement of scott walker. his administration is planning to appeal it. today students at central high held an emotional tribute
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for their classmate 18-year-old marckel ross who was shot while walking to school tuesday morning. his killer is still on the loose. family and friends say they don't know who would want to harm this honor roll student. by all accounts, a well liked man. neil armstrong was buried at sea today. there was a ceremony among the uss philippine. his ashes were then scattered in the atlantic. he was a navy fighter pilot before he joined the space program. he went onto become the first man to walk the moon. if you want to increase your brain power, a little close encounter of the nooky variety might be what the doctor ordered. you don't see a toddler behind the wheel every day. at tike's joy ride is causing conversation tonight. we're going -- controversy tonight. we're going to hear from his mom. a beautiful day today. 82 was the high. here is a look at your wakeup weather and it's going to just get better tomorrow. 58-64 to start. by 8:00 in the 60s and by 10:00
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pure sun. upper 60s to mid 70s. we'll come back and talk about the cold front still to our west. we'll let you know if it moves
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in tonight's health alert, a warning for all of you contact lens wearers out there. a rare but dangerous parasite that could gnaw into the eyeball. you certainly don't want to end up like this person. a researcher says the parasite is found in dust along with pool and tap water. the infection is rare but it does happen and leaves a person with corneal scarring. it can cause blindness. one way to protect yourself, clean your contacts the right way and do it daily. don't swim with them. here is another health story that had everyone talking. sex made you smarter. in addition to being a stress reliever, it also promotes brain development adoring to a study -- according to a study done at
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the university of amsterdam. they were given a set of problems that require critical thinking. people who were thinking about sex did better than those who weren't. >> hum. >> i'm not sure i'm buying this 1. >> if that's the case, 8th grade boys would be smarter than everybody [ laughing ] . first there were naked photos of prince harry. now kate has turned up topless in the tabloids. and the royal family is going to court. they're suing a french magazine for publishing naked photos of prince william's wife. these were taken last month while the couple was vacationing at a private place in france. william and kate say they are sad and angry and who can blame them. >> this is so different than the harry thing. so different. but on a private thing, long range lens, paparazzi. >> you're at a hotel where you want privacy. >> it wasn't by the press. >> it wasn't by the press.
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>> it was by a good friend. >> yes. >> very good friend. [ laughing ] >> thanks. all right. a frontal system still to our west, but it will cooperate. it's going to move through just about on time and set the stage for a very, very nice weekend. let's start with a live look outside. high today 82. temperatures downtown are still in the 70s. but a little more comfortable in the burbs. dew points have come up. still a pleasant evening. the front is to our west, so it's south, southwest at 8. winds will pick up and that will bring on the passage of the frontal boundary. satellite picture, radar combined, a couple of things. we have say low pressure sitting and hanging over northeast texas and southeast arkansas. it's going to be there is all weekend. this frontal boundary will roll through tonight. notice all of the showers and thunderstorms in pennsylvania and new york. i still have a sprinkle in tonight. but for the most part, it's going to be fine here. this area of low pressure, though, will come back to haunt us part of the week. probably monday evening and
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probably all day tuesday. close in view, just a few clouds. a couple of sprinkles up towards cumberland, oakland. but for the most part, this front is going to go through dry and kind of unnoticed really. temperatures downtown still 72. still 63 in gaithersburg. 68 in leesburg. and 61 in manassas. and tonight's much different than tomorrow night. tomorrow night will almost be chilly. when the sun goes down, temps will fall. cool, almost chilly saturday night. sunday morning we can see upper 40s in the burbs. so heading to church, grab a sweater. still nice on sunday. high clouds come in late. a super weekend. and then stormy next week. locate your umbrella for monday and probably for tuesday as well. overnight, we'll see partly cloudy, comfortable, maybe a sprinkle. 58-64. winds become northwest 10-15. by morning, mostly sunny. a brit breezy. pleasant -- bit breezy.
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pleasant. winds 10-15. if you're going to see the terps play, huskies are in town. look for temperatures in the 70s. little breezy. game time temp afternoon. grab your sunglasses, upper 70s. winds calm down a little bit northwest at about 10. next three days, we're going to keep it code green tomorrow. great. code green on sunday. nice. 80. and then on monday, some showers roll in. i think the morning commute will be dry. the evening commute probably wet with some showers. temperatures in the upper 70s. we'll keep an eye on that all weekend for you. next seven days, tuesday is going to be a mess both commutes, morning and night. looking at temperatures warm on tuesday. but windy, rain, showers, thunderstorms, you name it. gets out of here pretty quickly, though. we're looking at temperatures back in the mid 70s and wednesday, thursday and low 80s on friday. if you're going up to philly to watch the game, nice weather up there. that game is on channel 9. >> the ravens will kill them.
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>> the redskins. >> we have 10 hours of sports on sunday. >> cannot beat it. >> yes. >> no. all right. talk about a dumb move. >> yes. no parenting awards here. a north carolina couple let their 2-year-old get behind the wheel and then they post it on facebook. look at the little guy steering ahead behind the wheel. the couples say they were driving home when the to the asked can i steer. sure. it's a decision they now regret. >> i feel bad for doing it. other people have done it. i'm not saying it's an excuse for it. but they thought it would be cute. >> the couple says they won't let the 2-year-old behind the wheel again any time soon. i like grandma. other people have done it. >> what other people. >> who are these people? >> i don't know. >> concentrating. he had his eyes on the road. >> yes. okay. what do we have here? >> nats. >> nats tonight. >> trying to drop a steak.
1:57 am
>> so did they begin to put them away? >> we'll see. >> can those nats win against the braves. that is what bryce harper had in mind. in atlanta tonight it came down to the wire. who got it done? and some high scoring affairs on the grid iron.
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now 9 sports with dave owens. >> well, it's amazing how a 162 game season can boil down to this. the braves will never admit it, but this is their last chance to catch the nats. davey johnson knows it. he knows this series is a chance to drive a steak at atlanta's heart. can they do it? let's check it out in the ofth -- 6th inning bryce harper says i want to be your sledgehammer. now he's five shy of making a record. tough play here but one an all
2:00 am
star has to make. ian desmond, the fielding part is good. the throwing part no. they're seven and a half back. maybe it's appropriate that tomorrow's maryland yukon game is set for tomorrow noon. it will be a shoot out. etsel left yukon for maryland. he says he regrets that. can the huskies get revenge. we'll find out tomorrow. and by the way, we're your station for the game coverage. we'll be wrapping up the game and looking for redskins and ravens. that's the appetizer. how about a little friday night football? prep pick. 9 sports brings you the best. robert e lee doing a better job. holding down west springfield. but was it enough to spank
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it's time for usa today high school sports presented by toyota. >> welcome back to high school football, week three. nothing like a little northern virginia love fest to get things started. robert elee west springfield just 10 miles apart. do you think you can stop the defensive. good luck. they're averaging 41 points a game. let's get to it. that is jordan right there walking out with west springfield. he's a former plard diagnosed with a terminal -- player diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. good stuff there. dude, that's a wrong direction. the west springfield defense trapping him and doing it well. and then the offense doing it well too. jonathan dunn right up the gut. they scored 23 points.
2:04 am
johnny rogers, you are an arm zeeler. nice play but not enough. west springfield remaining unbeaten. they win 33-14. >> this is a special season for us. we have our teammate number 68 who suffered from brain cancer and we wanted to make this a special season and play our hardest. because he's fighting cancer in his life, and we're fighting because we have to fight. >> hum. well said, young man. well said. much scoring in warrenton tonight. early on, this is west potomac quarterback. and you have to wrap that young man up. mr. wilson gets away and takes a defensive in stallion territory. it led to a score. later on south county quarterback dave sims, south county heading north. the team combining for 8 points. they win 49-39. all right. it seems like every year around this time

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